About RVK Smart City

Focusing on the future to build a better city

Car sharing, welfare technology, smart lighting, air quality sensors, real-time data, ed-tech, bicycle sharing, flow counters, charging stations for EV´s, smart bus stops, chatbot, smart bins and self-driving vehicles are examples of modern solutions that form a Smart City with the assistance of basic infrastructure such as information, communication and telecommunications technology.

New solutions call for the modernization of the city’s infrastructure with the future in mind. The goal of Reykjavik Smart City is innovation for the benefit of city residents, such as in the field of welfare, education, culture and transportation. With the methodology of smart cities as our guiding light, we focus on the increased convenience, experience and public health where the service is more efficient, more accessible and more environmentally friendly in tune with the policies of the city.

We view the city comprehensively and look to the future in all decision making to maximize the quality of life of its residents and plan to ensure that Reykjavík is among the most progressive cities in the world.

Let’s innovate the future together.

The Smart policies of the City of Reykjavik

Be a leader in innovation, development and research internationally as regards the development of infrastructure, digital solutions and service processes.
Use design thinking, where requirements are analyzed based on the experience of users and those who provide the service.
Strengthen interdisciplinary co-creation with stakeholders, within and outside the city, focusing on the entrepreneurial and university communities.
The opening up of data for research and innovation, where modern technology such as artificial intelligence will be used to maximize value.

The team

The Reykjavík Smart City team works out of the City Hall Office of Service and Operations, in close co-operation with other city’s departments. All stakeholders, within and outside the city, are encouraged to contact us to convey their suggestions or ideas.

Kristinn Jón Ólafsson

As a project manager of Smart City Reykjavík, I work on Reykjavík’s vision, focusing on analysis and infrastructure innovation.
My role involves finding new ways to answer the needs of citizens, promoting interdisciplinary co-operation with stakeholders and maximising the value of projects with modern technology and procedures.
I am an entrepreneur by nature and enjoy finding solutions where I can mix my interest in innovation, technology and improving the community for the better.

Kristinn Jón Ólafsson

Magnús Yngvi Jósefsson

As a project manager of Smart City Reykjavík, I work on Reykjavík’s vision, focusing on research and international funding applications. I analyse and assess city policies with research opportunities within Iceland and abroad. The European Research and Innovation program is the main arena, and Reykjavík is an active participant in a number of grant applications, where the city’s network is strengthened day by day with powerful interest groups from across Europe.

Magnús Yngvi Jósefsson