RVK Smart City Conference

Innovation for residents Harpa - Silfurberg / 3 May 2018 / 8:00-17:30

  • What impact will solutions like car sharing, charging stations for EVs, flow counters and bike sharing have on urban life and the tourist experience?
  • How do we aggregate data resulting from the introduction of modern solutions and use it towards better decision-making and innovation in the development of the city?
  • What are the possibilities for smart bins and smart lamp-posts?
  • Can local real-time weather, audio and air quality sensors make us more aware as residents?

New solutions call for innovation in infrastructure and services. The knowledge and experience needed for this work is distributed all over. Let’s harness the knowledge at the Reykjavík Smart City Conference in Harpa and evaluate the opportunities ahead, everything from smart lamp-posts to self-driving cars.

Robin Chase, founder of ZipCar, author of Peers Inc and one of the world’s foremost peer-to-peer economy experts, shares her wisdom with conference guests.

The biggest international transportation apps, Waze and Moovit, bring us into the future with electronic information and traffic flow. How does Uber envision future of transportation in Reykjavík? At the close of the conference, guests can get a ride with Iceland’s first self-driving car.

Let us harness this knowledge and develop a Reykjavík for the future #snjallborgin