The future of Reykjavík is now. New solutions call for innovation in infrastructure and services. The knowledge and experience needed for this work is distributed all over. Let’s harness the knowledge at the Reykjavík Smart City Conference in Harpa and evaluate the opportunities ahead, everything from smart lamp-posts to self-driving cars.

    Before noon

    • 8:00-8:30

      Registration & Breakfast Snack

    • 8:30-8:40

      Opening of Conference - Sigurður Björn Blöndal (IS)

    • 8:40-8:50

      Opening Address - Dagur B. Eggertsson (IS)

    • 8:50-9:00

      Reykjavik Smart City (IS)

      Óskar J. Sandholt

      Office Director of the City Hall Office of Service and Operations, Reykjavik City

    • 9:00-9:10

      City of Innovation & Development (IS)

      Kristinn Jón Ólafsson

      Manager of Innovation, @Snjallborgin RVK

    • 9:10-9:20

      City of Knowledge & International Cooperation (IS)

      Magnús Yngvi Jósefsson

      Research Programme Manager, @Snjallborgin RVK

    • 9:20-9:40

      An Innovative Governance Model for Smaller Communities (EN)

      Raffaele Gareri

      CTO, @Province of Brescia & Chairman of The Smart City Association Italy

    • 9:40-10:00

      Towards a New Digital Deal - How to Prepare for Effective Digitization Strategies for our Communities (EN)

      Bas Boorsma

      Managing Director, @Rainmaking Urban & Author of A New Digital Deal

    • 10:00-10:15

      Coffee Break

    • 10:15-10:25

      Infrastructure of the Smart Revolution (IS)

      Erling Freyr Guðmundsson

      Framkvæmdastjóri, @Gagnaveita Reykjavíkur

    • 10:25-10:40

      Lighting in the Smart City (IS)

      Guðjón L. Sigurðsson

      Lighting designer and owner, @Liska

    • 10:40-10:55

      Smart Lighting in Cities & Municipalities (IS)

      Gunnar Hansson

      Marketing Director, @Farsýn

    • 10:55-11:10

      Lighting Beyond Illumination; How Smart Lighting Contributes to Citizen Well-Being (EN)

      Alwin Van Binsbergen

      Product Marketing Manager, @Tvilight Intelligent Lighting

    • 11:10-11:30

      The Autonomous Future (EN)

      Peter Sorgenfrei

      CEO, @Autonomous Mobility

    • 11:30-12:30

      Lunch & the First Trip with a Self-driving Car in Iceland

    After noon

    • 12:30-12:45

      Adopting Technical Innovations: Human Challenges & Solutions from the Viewpoint of Social Psychology (IS)

      Sigrún Birna Sigurðardóttir

      PhD in social psychology, consultant and co-owner, PRS ráðgjöf

    • 12:45-13:05

      Public Transport in the AV Era (EN)

      Josh Wine

      Chief Revenue Officer, Moovit

    • 13:05-13:25

      The Building Blocks of City Digitization (EN)

      Amr Salem

      Global Managing Director - Smart Cities & IoT for Public Sector, @Cisco

    • 13:25-13:35

      Coffee Break

    • 13:35-13:55

      Smart Energy Switching in Transport (IS)

      Bjarni Már Júlíusson

      CEO, @ON

    • 13:55-14:10

      Zero-sum Thinking in Transport, where one man’s loss is always another man’s gain (IS)

      Lilja Guðríður Karlsdóttir

      Transportation engineer and owner, @Viaplan

    • 14:10-14:25

      Sharing Economy in Transport (IS)

      Hrönn Karólína Sch. Hallgrímsdóttir

      Transportation engineer and owner, @Mannvit

    • 14:25-14:45

      Connectivity & Digitalization – We are Facing the Next Mobility Revolution (EN)

      Astrid Kellermann

      Technical Consultant Mobility, @Siemens

    • 14:45-15:00

      Coffee Break

    • 15:00-15:30

      The Imperative to Make Active & Shared Modes Convenient & Cheap (EN)

      Robin Chase

      Co-founder, @ZipCar & Author of Peers Inc

    • 15:30-16:00

      Keeping Cities Moving: Leveraging WAZE Data Insights to Improve Mobility (EN)

      Terry Wei

      Head, Waze PR & Communications

    • 16:00-16:30

      How Technology is Changing Mobility in Nordic Cities (EN)

      Kristian Yde Agerbo

      Senior Public Policy Associate, Uber

    • 16:30-17:30

      Cocktails & Rides for Conference Guests in the Self-driving Car